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Fraud Detection /Protection

  1. We at SYCLES™ take upmost caution and care while onboarding seller/s with their listing, We intent to have diligence on each listing with wisdom and perfection , Though there are events which we do not control or are beyond our limits on Fraud detection and protection and beyond our liability  ,The Customer is advised to do his full research & study and deals with caution .
  2. Always check and research the product carefully and never fall prey to any lucrative or unimaginable deals , We have seen websites offering high end E-bikes for Rs. 2500/ – and such deep discount deals are purely fraud and these companies are non-traceable .
  3. We at SYCLES™ have only one legitimate website which is and no other websites, we don’t have any other website ending with .com or .in or .org etc hence Customer should be aware which shopping or browsing on such unrelated websites.
  4. We run an online marketplace platform and most of the deals are online and with or without contact or verbal communication with Sales /Customer service dept., if you wish to contact and verify certain details do get in touch with our Support Team , Please leave a WhatsApp message or call on the Support contact number , We are always open for Customer service and feedback .
  5. We may do Online marketing and Advertisements of SYCLES on most of the Social media handles such as , , etc and do not provide or share any payment link for buyers/sellers , payments will happen on Company Website or thru Company Banks details etc, There may be bad guys from the Dark world trying to use SYCLES Social media posts or banners  to collect payment via a fraudulent link or QR code, We humbly request not to fall prey to such Post or messages on Social media.
  6. We do not call via Automated voice message and lure users to do payment via various modes .We take payment via website payment gateway or thru Bank transfers .
  7. We do not have Chat bot on our Website ,we do not interact via Chat bot and collect or send any payments, We do not have Chat bot payment collection method .
  8. Any fraudulent dealings/transactions if any is subject to laws of the Republic of India and the courts at Mumbai shall have exclusive jurisdiction on all matters and disputes arising out of and relating to the Site.