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Welcome to SYCLES™ ,A brand new online Marketplace & Platform for best deals in Pre-owned Bicycles and Much More …

SYCLES™ a Mumbai ,India based Startup begun its journey in 2020 with novel Idea of creating a best Marketplace and Platform to deal in Pre-owned Bikes/Cycles and accessories using latest technologies .

The website is built to help Cycling fraternity to Buy /Sale the right product for all judicious Athletes ,Riders and Enthusiasts communities .

It all started in 2019 when we were searching for a pre-owned bike in good working condition and to our surprise we were left with lots of unorganized information, Ads and products offering mostly on Social media and no value for money deals for right curated product.

It is estimated that about 20 million cycles & 3 million cars are sold in India per year and on top India being the world’s second largest producer of cycles .

So when big companies have big marketplaces for Cars and Motorbikes why not a dedicated marketplace portal for Cycles ? Being ardent Cyclists and coupled with experiences we thought it was right time to start SYCLES™ an Online Marketplace & Platform for best deals in Pre-owned Bicycles and more.

We’re an online marketplace bringing buyers and sellers across India to deal in Pre-owned Bikes and cycling gears online, Best part is we save Time and Money for our Customers so they focus on Riding and we focus on serving their needs.

Customers can buy/sell anything from a basic Pre-owned kid’s tricycles, Pro endurance used Road bikes, to Parts & gears, We are not an online version of shop and there are pretty good ones already in the market doing amazing work ,Our aim to fulfill the current need of seller/buyer who is stuck to sale/buy a Pre-owned Bike due to Geographical limit and networks [He can’t really go out the city to sale/buy the bike from other regions].

Our main goal is to make our users happy and satisfied, if you plan to buy a Pre-owned Bike or gear out motto is to make the search so easy that you find the product within minutes if it’s there on the SYCLES™ platform .

Even for the Seller the onboarding process for a used Item is quite simple ,they need to create account and then select the appropriate category and start filling relevant details in the website .

SYCLES™ is built for cyclists, by cyclists. Anyone with a sheer intention of cycling can use our Platform, This is made for all from GenZ, Millennials, Professional cyclists to an Athletes.


Why SYCLES™ :-

  1. Finding a correct Brand, frame size, group set, color etc. was a nightmare on the online/offline world and here we bring best of E-commerce technologies to present a right product on a tip of a finger.
  2. SYCLES™ uses latest technology for marketplace services and a robust platform for fast and efficient processes.
  3. With a lineup of great offerings, secure payment checkout and fantastic support you’re in always in good hands.
  4. We only entertain genuine stuffs, no stolen & illegal bikes and no scams , Bad Actors ,please close this Website soon.
  5. Shopping comfort and ease, We consolidate all information on the website so user can find the right product they wish, If their preferred Pre-owned bike is not available they can shoot us inquiry email and we will notify as soon we find it in our network.
  6. Committed to give our customers the best quality products available in the Cycling market and work with full enthusiasm to give the best experiences to our customers.
  7. You get the best deal on used and well serviced Bikes ,See our Awesome reviews from our Happy Riders.