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Rules and Guidelines for users 

  1. You are 18 years above and have the Govt. issued IDs and bank account if you wish to post or buy any item on SYCLES™
  2. You will not post/upload inappropriate items which do not fall in any of the category
  3. Creating a fake listing  on the platform without having the item .
  4. You can create a listing for your friends ,relative,Bosses if you need to manage their listing, but legal terms and transaction will be done with owner only .
  5. Account /cart will be reset  if you fail to pay for an item inquired or book by you ,We only guarantee for sale once payment is received from the Buyer .
  6. Account /cart will be reset  if you fail to provide items posed by you for sale , Buyer generally ask more questions and failure to respond any of the inquires will lead to reset account /listing  .
  7. Interfere in someone’s listing and defaming their post/listing on other social media handles .
  8.  Adhere to all the Policies and Terms mention on SYCLES™ .
  9. You many not use SYCLES™ for any other unrelated usage such as sending dummy messages or inquires, send bulk emails ,sent  spam emails etc. on any of SYCLES™ medium .
  10. You should not use SYCLES™ website for any harmful usage or by exposing to any kind of virus ,malware attack or use any data extracting /mining tool to gather information .
  11. You should use your account judiciously and logging to others account or resetting password for anyone’s account should not be done.
  12. Using SYCLES™ logo, trademark, Intellectual property, data, content write up for personal or any commercial use without prior approval from SYCLES™ is not permitted.