FFWD Matrix T50 wheelset


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FFWD Matrix T50 wheelset


USED only for 2 rides they are in there very much new and best current condition so you can always count on these wheels when put on intense race on road.
Current tires are tubular 22c/25c Tyres not included in the price
50mm Deep Section ( 11 Speed)
Matrix T50 wheelset value is 750 dollar ,selling at steep discount

5 km velodrome competition played only 5 rides. high performance carbon fiber wheels super light super strong wheels .


An aerodynamic wheel set for the racer. With a  DARC profile rim this is the most chosen set for competition riders or the serious enthusiasts. Strong stiff yet lightweight in its category of carbon wheels.

DARC stands for ‘Double Arc’ which is the profile of the rim. It compresses air on the rim to create a faster airflow which reduces the drag behind the wheel.

FFWD Hubs: The best hubs based on price and quality. High-end hubs with the least rolling resistance keep on going when you give them a spin.


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