Look Aero Bike 795 Blade RS Rim Brakes Size M/54 2020


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Look Aero Bike 795 Blade RS Rim Brakes Size M/54 2020

– Weight 8.1 kg (all done with pedals)

– Ultegra Group-set Mechanical

– Rim brake

– Wheels by Mavic (1700 gm)

Additional items added to the bike later:

– Ceramic Speed Bottom Bracket

– Ceramic Speed OSPw

– Token Konax Pro 51mm Carbon aero wheels (selling these in addition to the stock Mavic wheel set)

– Absolute black Oval Chainring (Big and Small)

Have 2 stems (90mm, 120mm), so you can buy both to check for you convenience.

Bike can be delivered anywhere in India by SYCLES .

Personal Feedback by Rider :

Comfort: It is one of the most comfortable carbon bike  have ridden and not just aero, any carbon bike. I have quite a few brevets on it. I felt better on it than my Similar Brand with an Endurance frame

Speed and handling: 795 Blade RS feels seriously quick and it has a lively ride feel that is more comfortable and responsive

It is a touch heavy but the weight balance in such that it doesn’t feel heavy, it is decent climber and an extraordinary bike for flats.

Brand/ Model name: Look Blade 795RS
Group set: Ultegra, Mechanical
Purchase date: 25/05/21
Km driven : 4000+ kms
Bike only Rs. 4,00,000, Wheelset: Rs. 1,35,000. Ceramic Speed BB: Rs. 27,500, Ceramic Soeed OSPW: Rs. 42,000, Absolute Black Oval Chain ring (big and small): Rs. 18,000. Total: Rs. 6,22,500 /-
Purchased at Rs: Same as above
Two options available for the Bike for sale with both Mavic wheels and Token wheels or either of those .
Resale Price Rs.: 4,75,000 with Token wheels
Resale Price Rs.: 3,75,000 with Mavic wheels

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